Alleged teen drug dealer arrested during bust - - Jackson, MS

Alleged teen drug dealer arrested during bust

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Weeks of undercover work led Hinds County Vice and Narcotics to a drug bust Monday that netted a small arsenal of weapons.

Even more surprising, detectives reveal that the west Jackson drug operation is run by a teenager.

"I ain't no criminal either man. I don't know who it belongs to," said 17 year old Marquandre Colon as he was taken into custody by Hinds county law officers.

The high school aged male was handcuffed and led from a duplex at 131 North Alabama Street.

Monday afternoon Colon told reporters that his name was Isaac and that he has nothing to do with the assault rifles, weapons, ammunition and drugs confiscated by Hinds county deputies and spread on the porch of the house.

"Happy Valentines to everybody. Yall don't do no crime. Kids yall be safe. This ain't no place yall want to go. My brothers, I love yall bro," added Colon as he was buckled into a Hinds county vehicle.

Despite his sage advice Hinds county investigators said Colon was running a drug operation that could rival others in the area and enforced by stolen firearms.

"It looks like enough to arm a small country," said Lt. Jeffery Scott with the Hinds Co. Sheriff's Dept.

The 17 year old was found in the house with seven weapons including two assault rifles and two Uzis, cocaine valued at ten thousand dollars, marijuana and hundreds in cash.

"I just can not remember seeing an SKS sitting on a tripod like that. So again to have those types of weapons in this type of neighborhood is very scary. And again that's something we were glad that our detectives were able to get off the streets," added Scott.

The Hinds County Street Crimes Vice and Narcotics Units also confiscated three cars registered to the teenager.

Stolen electronics, including big screen TVs and video games, were also carried out of the west Jackson residence.

"A lot of the prostitution stings we've done, a lot of that information that we have taken from those types of operations have led to busts such as this," said Scott.

Colon faces felony charges of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of a controlled substance while in possession of fire arm and possession of stolen fire arms.

Law officers said Marquandre Colon also has a juvenile record.

The teenager remains at the Hinds County Detention Center.

No bond has been set.

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