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JPS students robbed at bus stop

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A routine morning at the bus stop was anything but when a group of students was robbed at gunpoint.

The frightening encounter happened at a Jackson intersection, but before the day ended Jackson police made an arrest.

"He was like you can either get shot or you can give me your stuff," said 12th grader Abe States.

He and seven other Jackson Public School students heard those terrifying words when they say an armed teen pointed a gun at them at their bus stop Tuesday morning.

While at the intersection of Clair and Bounds Streets the students saw a blue Nissan truck with six guys inside drive toward them.

According to the students a teenager who they had seen before jumped out with a silver 22 caliber handgun.

"He had it (the gun) about this far when he got out, and he just walked up to everybody with it," said the 18 year old States, a high school senior.

"It was frightening because we were all scared because we really didn't know what was going on. Because when the dude got out of the car it was like he was fixing to shake her son's hand, but when we saw the gun we were like whoa," said 17 year old Carmella States who was waiting at the bus stop with her brother Abe.

"It all happened so unexpectedly. It happened so fast. Everybody really was in shock, but me being me I kind of stood up because I knew my sister was in danger, and she was in shock," added Abe States.

"I was literally in tears not knowing what happened," said Tara Manning who left her job and rushed to the intersection.

Manning's 17 year old son called her about his cell phone being taken during the robbery.

He borrowed a cell phone from one student who refused to give up his mobile device.

"It is a warning for parents and kids, but I know for me that I will be sitting out here every morning with these kids, every morning until the bus comes, rain, shine, sleet  or snow," said Manning.

The thief got away with cell phones and Ipods.

Some in the group recognized him as a student who lived in the nearby Cedarstone Apartments.

"We did go over to Cedarstone and who did we see, the driver of the vehicle," said the J.P.S. parent and child mental health advocate.

Later that afternoon the alleged gunman was standing outside an apartment building when Manning and other students saw him and called Jackson police.

J.P.D. officers took the 16 year old accused driver and armed robber into custody.

"It's a crying shame," added Manning.

It was a life changing experience for the high school students who said they had never before come face to face with a gun.

Manning said she has learned that the 16 year old is attending the alternative school.

Jackson Police Officer Colendula Green said more arrests are expected.

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