Scott sisters thank supporters and ask for further help - - Jackson, MS

Scott sisters thank supporters and ask for further help

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Songs of praise were lifted for the Scott sisters at Anointed Art Ministries in Jackson Sunday.  Jamie and Gladys Scott spent more than 16 years in state prison for armed robbery.  Governor Haley Barbour suspended their double life sentences.  January 7, 2011 the sisters were freed.

"We never thought we would see this day when we would be on the outside.  I'm so grateful. The trees excite me now.  Everything excites me," said Jamie Scott.

Gladys and Jamie Scott thanked the congregation for their support.  It was rallies like this that gained national media attention and helped gain their freedom.

"Through y'all's letters, through y'all's prayers because we know God is able to do anything. When we walked through here I couldn't feel nothing, but the spirit in here. I know God led us here today," said Gladys Scott.

Jamie Scott's kidney condition was a factor in the Governor's decision.  Gladys Scott promised to donate a kidney to her sister.  Their attorney Chockwe Lumumba said the fight continues because the sisters deserve full pardons.

"Everybody that the Governor has ever pardoned was someone that had a suspended sentence first," said Lumumba.

Another rally is scheduled on April 1, 2011.  The plan is to march from Farish Street to the State Capitol building to ask the Governor for pardons.

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