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Mission Mississippi encourages student race discussions

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Students from metro area colleges and universities sit down for a dialogue on race relations.

Mission Mississippi sponsored the summit on race relations held Sunday afternoon at Tougaloo College.

Students from Belhaven, Jackson State, Millsaps, Mississippi College and Tougaloo came together to hold  frank conversations about race, what separates the cultures, and how they can come together.

"Trying to see past what we expect because we've grown up to expect behavior and seeing that's not what we should be growing up to do. It's not what we should be doing from now on," said Millsaps College junior Caitlin White.

"I would like to come here and learn more about how we can unite our community in one essence rather than dividing ourselves based on colleges or classifications or race," said Abed Haddad, a chemistry and French major at Millsaps.

"I share a lot of stories growing up and I hear the other stories on the other side, and it kind of merges things together to let us understand that we're all one people that have been called to serve," said April Patrick a psychology major at Tougaloo College.

"Our goal and our vision is that they'll be friends and that when the issues such as the things that come up in daily lives that show that race matters that they'll be beyond that," said Mission Mississippi President Neddie Winters.

This is the third series of student dialogues hosted by Mission Mississippi, a Christian organization currently working in 19 different cities.

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