Shots fired in Walmart parking lot injures one man - - Jackson, MS

Shots fired in Walmart parking lot injures one man

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -  Jackson Police said a man settled a score as shots were fired in the parking lot of the Walmart on Greenway Drive before 5:00 Monday afternoon.

The targeted man was injured, but quick action by an off duty J.P.D. officer prevented more violence.

Yellow police tape and patrol cars surrounded the Walmart entrance after police said a man with a 380 caliber semi-automatic hand gun fired 3 shots in the parking lot.

Officers recovered that weapon.

J.P.D. investigators said Jeremiah Wilson, 23, was shot in the back, chest, and neck.

Wilson was transported to U.M.C. and is listed in stable condition.

Police arrested Thomas Wansley II, 22 of Jackson, at the scene.

"One shouted are you so and so so and so, I don't know exactly what name he shouted. Then he responded yes he was," J.P.D. Assistant Chief Lee Vance said. "So apparently this is some type of beef that had occurred prior to both parties arriving at the Walmart and they decided to settle it here."

According to investigators an off duty officer, whose name was not released, was in the parking lot and fired his weapon, preventing Wansley from harming others.

"The suspect turned when the officer identified himself as a police officer and pointed his weapon towards him and that's when he discharged his weapon, but he did not strike the suspect," Vance added.

"I just saw people running. I heard the gunshot," said Stephanie Magee of Jackson.

She was inside the store when gunfire erupted in front of the building.

"I did hear them. I didn't see anything, but I saw people running so naturally you run. You don't go look to see what's up. You run. Then I found out later that someone did get shot," Magee said.

Police impounded Wansley's maroon 1999 Buick Regal.

An unidentified male passenger was with him.

Wansley is charged with aggravated assault, shooting into an occupied vehicle, and pointing and aiming.

In a statement released by the city, Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson said, "What occurred tonight at Wal-Mart was a senseless act of violence.  We appreciate the quick action of the off duty law enforcement officer shopping at the Wal-Mart who was able to apprehend the suspect and hold him until Jackson Police arrived."

"We are going to work with management to see how we can beef up security to be to help prevent the likelihood of these types of acts in the future," Johnson said.

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