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Gibson rape trial verdict

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LEXINGTON, MS (WLBT) - A former school security guard is a free man, at least for now.

Terry Gibson went on trial last week on 4 counts of statutory rape and child neglect by incest.

A Holmes County jury reached a decision after 4 hours of deliberation Monday.

Family members dispute claims there was not enough evidence to convict, making charges even after the verdict was read.

Lyndell Travis is a grandmother who is furious, but not surprised that the accused rapist of her family member was not found guilty.

"They know what happened, nobody have no proof," Travis said. "I got a text off a phone he sent, I got a doctor bill where I took them to the doctor and they had a disease and sick, and these folks walking around here talking about he's not guilty, what in the hell is he?"

In court, Gibson was found not guilty of one of the rape counts.

The judge declared a mistrial on one other rape charge and two child neglect by incest charges.

"Right now I don't even know what to say," Gibson said. "I'm just glad this is over with."

A woman identified as Gibson's girlfriend was arrested when she clapped aloud in court when the mistrial was declared.

She was charged with contempt of court and released almost immediately.

Also sitting on the defense side, Jaime and Gladys Scott.

Gibson's attorney, Chokwe Lumumba, used their story in his closing arguments.

They were recently released from prison for health issues after spending more than a dozen years behind bars.

"They came to support me and I appreciate them very much," Gibson said.

For Gibson's attorney, Chokwe Lumumba who also represents the Scotts, it was all about what he called a lack of evidence.

"That's why you need a cell phone, text messages, some DNA, some hair samples, something," Lumumba said.

For count one, 9 jurors voted guilty and 3 not guilty.

Not guilty for count 3.

On the remaining counts, 8 jurors believed Gibson was guilty and 4 not guilty.

District Attorney Akillie Malone-Oliver says Gibson will be tried again.

"I do know that today is a sad day for children in Holmes County. Tell me why. Well we just let a child molester and a child rapist walk away," Malone-Oliver said.

A second grandmother, Lillie Stokes, also spoke out.

"Its too many women out there where you can get, you don't have to mess with no children," Stokes said.

There is no word on when Gibson could be back in court to face the charges of raping three minors including two of his daughters.

The District Attorney says the verdict gives no closure to the victims or their family.

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