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Rising gas prices nationwide

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Drivers are doing a double take each time they pull up to the pump.

Gas prices are back above $3 a gallon.

The cost of a gallon of regular gasoline has gone up to $3.17 nationwide.

In the Jackson area, the average is $3.00.

The cost of a gallon of gasoline is now over $3.00 a gallon most places, and still rising.

Diesel fuel is up around $3.50 a gallon and higher, and still going up.

The experts say you had better get accustomed to it.

Les Lampton is Chairman of the Board of a worldwide energy company, Ergon, based in Flowood.

Lampton is in the drilling, refining, and selling business in a big way.

Lampton sees fuel prices continuing to go up.

"It's gonna go and people should recognize that," Lampton said. "It's gonna be a rearrangement of priorities, Americans are gonna overcome it but it's gonna be tough for them."

Lampton says the turmoil in North Africa, is being used as an excuse to drive up fuel prices.

"They feel that there could be a shortage of oil," Lampton said. "There could be a shortage of oil in the short range, but not in the long range. Those countries need that money, and they are not gonna stop the Suez Canal for long."

People don't like it, like airline stewardess Veronica Torrence.

"I just filled my tank up and it took $62.30 and it's $3.21 a gallon and I think that's just ridiculous," Torrence said. "I think it's too high. Everything goes up but your pay check and I just think this is awful."

Les Lampton says if you are considering buying a new car buy one that is economical, because fuel prices will continue to rise.

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