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Save on cell phone costs

By Katina Rankin - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Some people pay too much to stay connected on their cell phones.

This includes unused texts, unused minutes and unused megabytes from when you surf the web.

"The phone's just talking to me. Call me and reach me, and I can call them," said Lisa King.

"I just talk, and that's it. I don't text, look at internet or any of that," said Mison Wetz.  

They have the services on the phone, and they're paying for them. According to a recent consumer study done by a Chicago utility board, they are not alone.

The study shows 66 percent of all cell phone users are paying for coverage they don't even use. This wastes an average of about 360 dollars per year.

Courtney Patrick doesn't use two gigs of internet service on her phone, but she pays monthly for the service.

"$99 plus a month, so it runs approximately $120 a month," said Patrick. "Never have time to use all the features. Basically I'm working, and once I'm off work when I'm at home I basically just get on the laptop. So the features are never used. They're just there. I just use the phone."

A free web tool can help. It's called the cell phone saver. In about 5 minutes it analyzes your spending and dials up options to drop dollars.

She didn't find a plan that matches her cell phone usage, but she did find that her own carrier now offers a cheaper plan on the same text, minute and web features she has now.

"That's bout $15 or $20 dollars. That's taxes," said Patrick.

It may not sound like a lot of money, but it adds up to about 240 dollars per year. Money that may be spent on other things or saved.

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