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Most Wanted: women with counterfeit checks

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By Marsha Thompson

RIDGELAND, MS (WLBT) - In tonight's Most Wanted segment, surveillance video captured two women strolling into a Ridgeland business with counterfeit checks.

According to police, the pair created the bogus checks using account numbers and personal identities of innocent victims.

The fugitives then took off in a dark colored four-door vehicle with their unidentified male sidekick.

In addition, Ridgeland cops are looking for 42-year-old Willie Lee Miller who is wanted for false pretense.

Another suspect is Jake Elvred Curtis. He is wanted for grand larceny and defrauding an innkeeper.

Meanwhile, Ridgeland detectives have busted other accused crooks.

Tiffany Evans was arrested in Lamar County for felony shoplifting at an upscale Ridgeland store. Her co-conspirator Brandi Silas was also busted.

Both were featured on Most Wanted last year when they were caught on tape lifting designer sunglasses valued at 1200 dollars.


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