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Gas prices impacting small business, consumers alike

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By  David Kenney - bio | email

 JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Gas prices continue to soar with more unrest in the Middle East.  That is impacting businesses here in the metro, who budget for large amounts of fuel consumption.

With hundreds of deliveries to make a day, managers at Greenbrook Florists are trying to keep gas prices from cutting into their bottom line.

Manager Gwen Colella says, "Were trying to find ways to save money. I order more flowers and save money then cause we save on the fuel surcharge and we also order in bulk so it cuts down on the price of flowers, so were cutting down on the price of flowers in order to make up for the gas prices. I think eventually they will win."

With some of the most competitive flower prices in the metro, Greenbrook fears a price hike could drive away business, which they won't let gas prices do.

"If we start going up on our prices when the economy is tough like this things are tight this becomes a luxury item and people stop ordering so we want to make sure we keep our prices as reasonable as possible," says Colella.

Those hauling the goods, feeling the pinch at the pump too.   Trucker James Rhody says, "I don't think the trucking companies or any owner operators are going to make any money if fuel prices keep going up, freights not going up they're not paying the difference in it I think everyone's gonna lose."

Truckers are predicting a trickle down effect, which will peak prices on other necessities like groceries. Motorists we talked to say they'll just do less driving, then less shopping.

 Triple a reports the price of regular has gone up 11 cents in the last three days. There was a 6 cent increase in there, the largest one day increase since September of 2008.

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