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Byram church launches "Angel Food" program

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In 2009, Angel Food Ministries went to work to deliver 8,000 free meals to hungry and disadvantaged families in Jackson.

Now, with the cost of food rising and more families tightening their belts, Trinity Wesleyan Church in Byram is utilizing Angel Food Ministries in a different way.

"We take orders of different types of food, today is distribution day," says Pastor Jason Kirkpatrick.

Anyone who wants to order a box of food for more than half off what it would cost over the counter is welcome to do so. "There's about a dozen different types of boxes they can get, some are more kid friendly, some are senior citizen friendly," Kirkpatrick says.

Among the food selections are hamburger patties, steak, frozen and canned vegetables, dry goods, fruit, oatmeal, eggs, and desserts. A $31 box to feed a family of four for one week would cost an average of $65 at a grocery store. The boxes range from $16 to $51. Customers can order as many boxes as they want, and their income is not checked.

"You figure $30 for 4 weeks, that's $120, for a family of four. If it works, that would be fantastic," says Evelyn Frank of Raymond as she picked up her pre-ordered box. 

Raymond is experimenting with the church's Angel Food program. She's not a member of the church, but customers don't have to be.

"I'd like to take it home and see if I can really plan out a meal for four. There are only two of us, but I'd like to do it for someone else," she says.

The church will receive one dollar from Angel Food Ministries for every box sold.

This month, Trinity is distributing just 20 food boxes, but they expect the program to grow.

"Seems like it's an important time to help out when we can," Kirkpatrick says.

Click here to learn more about Angel Food Ministries, and to find a host church near you.  

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