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Florence city leaders approve Sunday beer sales

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FLORENCE, MS (WLBT) - Florence city leaders, before a packed house, have voted to allow Sunday beer sales. The measure passed on a 3-2 vote.

City Hall was filled with residents listening to Florence's five board members discuss changing an ordinance to allow the sale of beer on Sunday.

Most in the audience seemed opposed to the plan that Mayor Bob Morris said was requested by some citizens.

The complaint for many was religious in nature.

"It's not just about the beer. It's about the Lord and it's his day and yes we all sin every day, but if we keep compromising it, continue to compromise and compromise what does Florence stand for? Is it gonna be a family home? Is it gonna be a Christian community," asked resident Lynn Hulett who opposes Sunday beer sales.

Loud cheers followed Hulett's comments.

"I don't see anything wrong with beer on Sunday because we have it all the time anyway. What's one more day gonna matter? Why are y'all so against it? Everybody's going out of town to get it. Why not come here and do it and let us have the revenue for it?" asked Alice Honea, the only resident to speak out in support of Sunday beer sales.

Honea's comments were met with a small round of applause.

Some city leaders said the additional day of beer sales will increase revenue in the town of more than $4,100.

But others who oppose the plan said it won't bring in much money, but will bring in an unwanted element.

"It will just allow people to do on Sunday what they do every other day of the week instead of going to Byram or to Pearl or to other places," said Florence Alderwoman Pam Clark.

"If we need the money that desperately I will be willing to give up half my salary a year, if everybody else would because selling beer on Sunday you have to sell $10,000.00 to make $200 bucks. So I've got some issues with this," said Alderman Bobbie Moudy.

"If we don't do something, the special few that live in the city limits and pay taxes, we're not gonna have a choice but go up on taxes," said Mayor Bob Morris.

The board voted 3 to 2 to pass the ordinance permitting Sunday beer sales.

Board members Pam Clark, John Helms and Kelley Martin voted in support of the ordinance.

Members Bobbie Moudy and Larry Poynor voted against the measure.

City Attorney David Ringer said the ordinance will take effect in 31 days pending its publication in the Rankin County News.

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