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Read across America day

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Rhyme after rhyme and riddle after riddle. Literacy was the focus in schools across the country, the state and here in the Jackson metro on Wednesday.

John Hopkins elementary school librarian Melissa Strauss says, "reading is so important because everything that we do has something to do with reading."

Wednesday marked "Read Across America Day." The national reading holiday falls on what would've been legendary childhood author Dr. Seuess' 107th birthday.

Fifth grader Andrea Young says, "the books I like to read are Dr. Seuss books."

In honor of Seuss' legacy, his books were read to young readers across the country.

Poindexter elementary school teacher Barbara Moore says, "we do this to encourage our students to read because reading is so important and it takes you places that if you can't afford to go you can read about those places."

At WLBT's adopted school, Poindexter Elementary, several employees, including many of the stations anchors read to the students. With literacy rates low in Mississippi, educators say days like this are fundamental.

Poindexter kindergarten teacher Anna Young says, "some words they haven't heard before, but rhyming words we have gone over in kindergarten so they know word families and if the word family is the same they so oh ok, fox and sox do rhyme."

Moore says, "you can't get a job if you can't read the application to fill it out, there are so many things where if you can't read, it'll hinder you."

That's a lesson Andrea already understands. "Reading can take you real far in all areas of education, reading can help you," says Young.

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