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Bullying alleged at Forest Hill High School

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Kendra Johnson says her 15-year-old daughter Destiny is a new student at Forest Hill High School, and recently a group of about six girls have been verbally bullying her.

"They surrounded her. One of the girls was just about to push her in her back, and one of the teachers snatched Destiny into the classroom," said Johnson.

Johnson says two days ago, the girls were driving by harassing Destiny as she boarded the bus outside her house.

"They got after her again yesterday evening after school at the bus stop at the school, right at the door. She's scared to get on the bus now, she's scared to go to school," said Johnson. "One of the girls did get suspended. She was a pregnant girl. I don't know their names."

Johnson filled out and submitted an bullying complaint form, but she says she was told the allegations were too vague, and the school was limited in what action could be taken.

Johnson has even filed a police report.

"I was tempted to take her out of there today because nothing's being done. It's like I'm being laughed at, she's being laughed at," said Johnson.

Jackson Public Schools responded by saying, "The district takes seriously any allegation of bullying, conducts a thorough investigation, and takes appropriate action as may be needed according to our code of conduct."

NBC News reports in a recent survey of students nationwide, 48 percent of them reported bullying or teasing another student at some time in the past year. Fifty percent reported being bullied or teased themselves. It's so bad, last year at least four teens took their own lives as a result of alleged bullying.

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