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Wednesday's Child- Trey Success Story

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He had spent years in foster care, but he has been with his forever family since 2008. We first met him when he was 10 years old on a Wednesday's Child taping in Clinton. He was doubtful about being adopted because he is deaf, but now 13 year old Trey is living his dream.

Trey signs with his parents, his dad Tyrone is also deaf. Trey is still a bit shy but he smiles brightly as his Mom, Marcina and Dad, Tyrone talk about his progress and challenges over the last three years.

"We always wanted to adopt a deaf child and we decided at that time his name was Alonzo at that time, which we have changed it since then", said Tyrone.

"Since, you know, we've had him, he has improved in leaps and bounds, both with communication, behavior, I mean the list goes on. So for us we've just decided we're gonna love him and not give up on him", Marcina said.

Trey first met his Dad at Mississippi School For The Deaf where Tyrone works. Marcina says they always had a special connection even before they knew Trey was in foster care.

"As many years as he's been at the school, he's been a father figure to many children, but for Trey it was different, the connection with the two of them was somewhat different, so we knew it was unique in itself", said Marcina.

"He says it hasn't been easy initially for our family. He said we've had a lot of patience, a lot of patience with him through the transition but I see success", Tyrone said.

His little sister says Trey is a great big brother.

"Its fun, and he's always there for me and he's always protective and stuff and its good to have another kid in the house", said Tiye.

Marcina and Tyrone say it is important for families to consider adoption. They first saw Trey on Wednesday's Child. Trey's adoption was handled by Southern Christian Services For Children And Youth.

"Really it was Tyrone who was the one that really fought because he felt as though that if he didn't fight for him he'd be a kid that's left in the system", Marcina said.

There are other children still waiting. If you would like to learn more about adoption, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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