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Trip to Old Cove

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By Walt Grayson - bio | email

WEBSTER COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Old Cove in Webster County near Eupora is about as well hidden as you can get for a 350 acre plot. It is sunken about 100 to 150 feet below the surrounding surface. And it had landscape unfamiliar to most of the rest of Mississippi.

Thank goodness for the steps someone so generously supplied no telling how long ago, or the trip into and out of Old Cove would be a lot more difficult.

Old Cove is a hardwood bottomland canyon, probably eaten out of the soft earth hills by the stream that meanders through the floor of Old Cove. There is evidence that people have been visiting here for a long time by the initials carved into the bluff bank and into the trees. Jimmy Cummins grew up in the area and first saw it decades ago when his father took him there.

 Jimmy Cummins: 60 or 61, I suppose, we came up here. My dad showed us a way up here with a little help. We had to stop on the way and find it. I did not come down into the cove then. We just came up and we located it.

Walt: The day we were there a young home-schooled family from Maben was on a field trip identifying the types of trees and wild plants and animal life they could find and taking pictures for a report. Eight-year-old Emily Grace Woodson emailed me this photo of salamander eggs she snapped. Her brother, 10-year-old Aaron and I liked the same feature in the bottom of the stream; a hollow log that acted sort of as a culvert with water going in the middle and coming out the end. I wasn't nearly so fascinated with it as to stick my HAND up inside it, though.

Winter may not be the best time to see Old Cove. Little was blooming and the trees were bare. But then again, maybe it is, in a way. Because in the middle of summer, all these trees would be thick with leaves and there'd be a good bit of it you COULDN'T see. But Jimmy Cummins says spring is his favorite time for coming to Old Cove because of the variety of wild flowers growing here.

Jimmy: Later March, middle of April. Something like that.

Walt: The land is owned by Weyerhaeuser and they have declared Old Cove a Special Places Area and are working with the Nature Conservancy in identifying the plant and animal life not only in Old Cove but also in nearby Magnolia Cove and Shelton Mountain. A little more hilly than most hills in the state and a little steeper ravine than you'll find in lots of other places. That's what people like about it.

And that's SO much the appeal of Old Cove that some kind souls even built steps for the rest of us to be able to get a better look at it. And enjoy it just that much more.

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