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Winter weather plagues tomato crops

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The art of the hamburger is serious business at Majestic Burger in Jackson. 

"We have the Majestic Burger, which is our signature burger, with comeback, lettuce, tomato, bacon and cheddar," said Majestic Burger Manager Tiffany Horn.

For about two weeks this signature burger was missing a key ingredient.  "The quality of the tomatoes just wasn't up to par because of the freeze," said Horn.

A cold snap in Florida, Texas and Mexico has affected the winter tomato crop.  Richard Cockrell owns Fresh Way Produce in Ridgeland.  He has plenty of great tasting tomatoes, but they are not pretty to look at.

"It just ruined a lot of tomato crops," said Cockrell. "These came out of south Florida.  You can tell from the scars on them that they're not what they normally are."

"It has affected a lot of our produce, tomatoes, lettuce, bell peppers, just about anything," said Mac's Fresh Market Manager Ric Martinez.

The grocery store in Ridgeland was keeping shelves stocked with produce to meet customer demand.  Because supply was limited you can expect to pay more for your favorite fruits and vegetables.

"Our prices have increased because our cost has increased, but we haven't run out of any product," said Martinez.

As for the Majestic Burger, after 14 days of absence the tomato has returned.

Across the country Wendy's has stopped serving tomatoes to customers unless they ask for them.  Other restaurants have taken them off the menu as well.

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