Motorcyclist help pay medical bills of fellow riders involved in - - Jackson, MS

Motorcyclists help pay medical bills of fellow riders involved in wreck

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -  As four motorcycle riders recovered from a horrific wreck, friends and even complete strangers gathered to help out Sunday.

The accident happened on January 29th on I-55 south near the stack in Jackson.  The four riders were coming in to a curve when the first bike hit a patch of oil which triggered a chain reaction wreck.  Michael and Christy Schoenecker, David Ellis and Melody Thomaszewski all spent multiple days in the hospital.  They are still recovering from serious injuries.

Sunday afternoon more than 50 riders from across the metro area gathered for an honorary ride and to help pay for medical bills.

"I don't know them, but the motorcycle community basically what we do it consider ourselves a family and we all work together to support each other," said Stacy Vance with Friends of Fallen Riders.

"They've all acquired surgeries, tons of road rash, and ate up a ton of medical bills.  So this event I got together with CMA and Friends of Fallen Riders to raise money to go back towards their medical bills," said the victim's friend Kris Vitt.

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