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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods- Primrose flooding worsens

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By Howard Ballou  - bio | email | twitter

 JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A south Jackson man called Three On Your Side for help with a flooding problem in his backyard after he says he wasn't getting help from the City of Jackson. The house is located on 1161 Primrose Street and after our stories aired in January and February, the city took action. But the owner says the action taken by the city, just made things worse. 

Issac Holloway said, "It's like a river." 

Holloway first contacted WLBT in January about the water problem in his backyard on Primrose Street in south Jackson. It comes from a city owned drainage pipe. 

Holloway said, "It's just shooting straight through and you can see it flooding all this area." 

He is referring to the remnants of this weekend's heavy rains. City work crews came out after WLBT's initial reports and spent two weeks digging a trench that divides both Holloway's backyard and his neighbor's. 

Holloway said, "Prohibiting me from getting to the other side of the backyard and I'm still having the same flooding issue. Instead of them using pipe, piping this somewhere else, they just let it flow through my yard and it's also pushing away most of the soil." 

He continued, "I don't know any house where there's a canal running through the middle of somebody's backyard." 

Asked if he had contacted the city again about the latest problem, Holloway said, "Yes, I did contact the city again and I haven't heard anything from them as of yet." 

Holloway says his neighbor has the same problem and is also upset that a drainage ditch now divides his property. 

"I would like them to fix this issue; either to pipe it out or fix it so it doesn't flood and I don't have a canal going through the middle of my yard," said Holloway. 

I spoke with the Director of Communications for the City of Jackson about Holloway's concern. Chris Mims told me the city will send a crew back out to Holloway's property and investigate. We will keep you posted. 

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