Roaming pit bulls kill dogs, terrorize residents - - Jackson, MS

Roaming pit bulls kill dogs, terrorize residents

By Roslyn Anderson - bio | email

COPIAH COUNTY, MS (WLBT) – Some living in Copiah County say roaming pit bulls are killing their dogs, and they have nowhere to turn.

The most recent attack was this weekend.

Now residents want laws to protect them and their animals.

Monday afternoon Sue Johnson pulled back the tarp that covered the body of Mikey, her neighbor Carmen Sanford's dog, who they say was killed Saturday by a pit bull.

"This is where he crawled to," said Johnson.

Beneath the tarp Mikey's fur was matted with dried blood.

His flesh torn body rested in the grass and leaves on the roadside across the street from the Sanford's home.

Mikey's owner said the 10 year old tan mix breed was mauled at his sleeping spot under her Bailey Road home.

"I heard a big commotion, so I got a broom came outside and started poking the pit bull as hard as a could to try to get him off my dog and he would not move," said Sanford.

The attack happened during Saturday's storms.

The 43 year old then called her friend for help.

Johnson tried to help coax Mikey from beneath the trailer, but the wounded animal could not stand on its feet.

Johnson's home is also on Bailey Road.

The 47 year old said the same pit bull killed her mother-in-law's Australian Shepherd named Shep.

"She heard a commotion outside and went out there and there were two dogs attacking her one dog, and so he was mauled. We did the best we could overnight, and he just suffered," said Johnson.

"This is my second dog that this pit bull has killed," said Sanford.

People living along Bailey Road said that six dogs have been killed and one maimed in the past couple of months, and they now they feel like prisoners in their homes.

According to the women, the pit bulls belong to Rachel Keen who also lives on Bailey Road.

Keen told WLBT that the dog belongs to her daughter who also owns a baby pit bull.

She said that dog stays in the house.

Keen said she is disabled and that the dead dog's owner called and cursed her, but she was told by deputies that is no leash law.

"He was put down today. We've done what we needed to do, and they don't even know if it was our dog. She didn't even know," said Keen.

Meanwhile Sanford is still concerned about the second pit bull.

The Copiah County Sheriff's Department is investigating, but says there are no vicious dog ordinances in place.

Authorities said the owners of killed and injured pets could take civil action.

"I'm worried you know not only will they attack animals, but what's next," asked Johnson.

After school Monday Sanford watched for the pit bulls as her 12 year old daughter Jessica got off the bus.

It's something she said she's practiced morning and afternoon because the pit bulls walk freely in the rural area.

Sanford said Mikey will be buried in his favorite spot in the garden in their back yard.

She pledges to begin petitioning the Copiah County Board of Supervisors for a vicious dog ordinance.

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