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Jackson men arrested in connection to burglary ring

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PONTOTOC, MS (WLBT) - Two Jackson men were behind bars in Pontotoc Monday for a string of tobacco store break-ins across the state.

Donnell D. Garrett and Tyrone White are both charged with burglary of a commercial dwelling, grand larceny, and malicious mischief. Garrett faces two counts on each charge.

The two broke into the tobacco shop in Pontotoc on February 5th. Garrett was involved in another break in at that same location in January.

Pontotoc Police Chief Larry Poole believes the pair is involved in a burglary ring.

"What they'll do is they'll just drive to where they see a tobacco shop they know a lot of law enforcement is not on duty they'll back up to it they'll already have a large rock and some garbage cans in the car with them. They'll back up to the tobacco shop throw the rock through the door, go through the door, load the garbage cans full of tobacco cartons and be gone out of the store within less than a minute," said Poole.

Police believe the men were taking the cigarettes to Jackson and other places and selling them to convenience stores.

More arrests are expected.

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