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Look Around MS: Starkville Artist

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By Walt Grayson - bio | email

STARKVILLE, MS (WLBT) - An unknown Mississippi artist is becoming more "known."

We have featured Carole McReynolds Davis of Starkville a few times on Look Around Mississippi.

Once because she dressed like 'Uncle Sam' on the 4th of July.

That's when we discovered her paintings.

Well, lots of people have seen her art now, with a recent showing at the Starkville Daily News office.

Starkville artist Carole McReynolds Davis was right in her element on a recent sunny Sunday afternoon, greeting people and shaking hands and hugging them, and probably eying them up as potential subjects for her canvas.

Carole started painting when she was 12 years old.

Her first effort was an old antebellum house in Starkville.

But for Years, when Carole would paint a picture, it might get displayed for a while somewhere around her house.

And then it would be tucked safely away in her attic with the rest of her works.

Until recently the Starkville Daily News started publishing her paintings one at a time until the inevitable had to happen.

The people who enjoyed her work in the newspaper wanted to see more of it.

So the newspaper held a showing recently.

So out of the attic and onto Main street came paintings of people and places and scenes around Starkville that Carole McReynolds Davis had been collecting for decades.

Frank Shiles, a Starkville insurance agent loves her work.

Frank Shiles: Somewhere along the line I hope she shares these paintings with the general public. Not only through exhibitions but maybe in our heritage museum here.

Walt: Chris Taylor and Herman Drake's father was the subject of one of Carole's paintings, doing his favorite pastime with a friend, playing checkers. They had seen Carole around town doing her work.

Herman Drake: Colorful. The most colorful lady in Oktibbeha County. Probably in the whole State of Mississippi. No matter where you go you can pick her out.

Walt: Husband Dr. Frank Davis is happy for wife Carole to begin to get some of the public recognition she deserves.

Frank Davis: Well it's a wonderful occasion. And Carole is happy as she can be and she's one heck of a good artist. And people deserve to see those paintings. And hopefully we're going to get them out were people can enjoy them more and more.

Walt: In her element, surrounded by friends and by subjects of her paintings and by strangers who have just discovered Carole McReynalds Davis through the newspaper, all of them sizing her up in her colorful hat, and themselves being probably sized, too up by the eye of the colorful artist of Oktibbeha County.

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