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Tornado touches down in Hinds County

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HINDS COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Emergency crews were clearing out trees and cleaning up this mess on Terry Road before dawn.  Once light finally broke through and you drove down the road, destruction was seen for quite some time. Michael Bankston says the storm sounded like a freight train.

Bankston says, "I got up to get a glass of water because I was thirsty and it happened within two seconds, I come back and there's a two by four where my pillows laying."

Bankston says three fourths of his home is destroyed. Part of his roof was blown off and now his bedroom and other parts of the home are exposed to mother nature. The guardrail surrounding Bankston's home was also bent sideways.

"It didn't take but a couple of seconds. When I started hearing the windows blow out, I knew something major was going on, all the windows just started blowing out," says Bankston.

The storm was pretty destructive. Branches were completely taken off of trees and this huge tree which once stood in front of this home was completely uprooted from the ground and as you can see the roots are just about as tall as me.

Across the road from Bankston's home, Len Tomlin's family was also picking up the pieces. Tomlin says his family is very lucky.

 "The tree if you all will get it before you go, if it had fallen the other way we were in that room sleep right by the window, so it's a good thing it fell the way it did," says Tomlin.

Residents and emergency crews say no sirens went off to warn the community.

Byram's Assistant fire chief, Tim Everett says, "the worst part about it, we didn't have any inkling of anything other than a thunderstorm warning, we had no warning whatsoever."

 And since there was no warning, residents say they're even more thankful for their lives today.

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