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Fugitive surrenders, claiming abuse by police

Ronald Wallace Ronald Wallace

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YAZOO CITY, MS (WLBT) - A Yazoo City fugitive is now in police custody, after being on the run overnight.


Ronald Wallace turned himself in to police Wednesday, but demanded WLBT's cameras were there, out of fear of retaliation from the arresting officers.


Wallace claims the officers mistreated and detained him without explaining why he was under arrest.


Wallace's mother, Gloria, also claims the officers came to her home last night looking for him after the escape, threatening to harm him.


Wednesday, Ronald showed us the broken handcuffs and the scars they left on his wrists.


He claims a stranger helped him break them to get them off.


Wallace says he ran out of fear the officers would injure him.

"He put his arms around my neck talking about I'm going to put you to sleep, said I'm going to put you to sleep," Wallace said. "Started putting pressure on my neck. I said ok then they put the handcuffs on a little too tight."

Wednesday afternoon Yazoo City Police Chief Eric Snow took Wallace into custody.

Snow says he is now conducting an internal investigation into the arresting officers actions last night.

"If they conducted themselves in an inappropriate way, were going to check into that and we won't have that," Snow says.

Wallace is being held in the Yazoo County Jail on domestic violence and escape charges.

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