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Bad gas stalls car engines in Jackson

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Some motorists in Jackson took another hit at the gas pumps Wednesday when contaminated fuel stalled their engines.

Wrecker service trucks were busy towing several vehicles after their owners gassed up at the Exxon station on I-55 and Northside Drive.

Motorists complain that water in the fuel tanks damaged more than 15 vehicles.

Yellow bags covered the handles at the pumps preventing further sales.

Officials with the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, which regulates fuel quality, said water was detected in the gas.

They took samples and believe rain entered the tanks when a cap was not secured properly.

Precious Phillips said the store management gave her an incident form to fill out after her Toyota Camry stopped, but she said there is nothing on the form that states that the store is responsible.

The 21 year old Virginia College student is concerned about being reimbursed for the cost of the damages.

"I pumped $20.00 worth of gas and I noticed something was wrong, because it was pumping mighty slow," Phillips said. "She said that they were going to pay to get our car towed, but then after that we have to wherever we go we have to pay for it go get it fixed or what not."

Exxon store management declined to comment.

Agriculture and Commerce Department officials said vehicle owners must file a complaint with the Petroleum Division then must make a written request for results.

If you were affected you can contact the Mississippi Agriculture and Commerce Department's Petroleum Division at 601-359-1101.

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