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Catching Crooks Quickly

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By Dennis Smith - bio | email

It was textbook police work.

It happened after the manager of this Burger King was supposedly carjacked by two teens as she left the restaurant to make a bank deposit.

The car soon crashed into another and the robbers took off.

Madison police wasted little time setting up a perimeter near a very wet and wooded area.

What worked well was when four K-9 units showed up and tracked the teens .

So did just about every law enforcement agency in the county.

The dogs quickly picked up the scent and an hour into the search, the 19 year old gunman was brought in.

An hour later a 15 year old was arrested.

Both of them from Jackson.

The manager, also from Jackson, was busted for embezzlement today.

Little wonder why Madison has such low crime and why a quick reaction force to catch crooks makes such a difference.

That's my Point of View.

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