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Getting dirty for a good cause

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Above ground, and standing on it, these Americorps members and City of Jackson employees spent their Saturday morning not talking about the issues, but taking care of them.

Americorps member, Marquita Bracey says, "We're doing something for the community, we're making a difference and we want to give back."

Painting, leaf raking and picking up branches, were all done in an effort to beautify the Virdin Early Childhood Development Center. The volunteering was apart of the nationwide "Great American Clean-Up," an effort to beautify communities across the country. It's a program Mayor Harvey Johnson is adamant about.

Mayor Johnson says, "We want to make sure that as people drive through the city of Jackson they get the impression that we do care about where we stay, we have pride in where we stay."

Those working at the center Saturday say the clean-up efforts here at this childcare facility are so important because the little ones who attend here ought to grow up having pride in their community, as well as having pride in this center which is a historical landmark in Jackson.

Jimmie Robinson Sr., the president of the Virdin Neighborhood Association says, "this is a lot of history and we're proud of this neighborhood center and we try to keep it as clean as possible so people can enjoy it especially our children."

Volunteers didn't just clean-up the childcare center. They also took their tools to the streets and picked up trash near several of the city's entryways.

"We recognize that not all neighborhoods are going to look the same , but all neighborhoods can be clean," says Mayor Johnson.

Bracey says, "It takes one step at a time and the only thing we can do is work together as a team."

Saturday's volunteers say they hope their teamwork encourages other residents to also team up to help keep Jackson clean.

Volunteers from "Keep Jackson Beautiful," also participated and helped organize Saturday's clean-up. "Great American Clean-Up" activities are on-going throughout the end of May.

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