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3 On Your Side: Presidential Hills residents say ditch doesn't drain behind their homes

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Some residents in Presidential Hills complain that a ditch behind their homes never drains and is destroying their property.

Calvin Brown and Tracy Coleman are next door neighbors on William McKinley Circle.

They accuse the City of Jackson of neglecting to routinely clean out the ditch that they say is clogged, leaving several feet of standing water behind their homes.

Brown said he has complained to the city for years about the overflow from a debris filled culvert that runs under Abraham Lincoln Drive and to a nearby creek.

"The ground is so saturated my fence is beginning to lean, and I'm going to lose the back part of my fence because of the negligence and the job the city has refused to do," said Brown.

"It's like that for maybe about two or three weeks, never drains creating mosquitoes. Get it drained as soon as possible because like I say when it drains I got garbage that floats up in my yard," said Coleman.

When contacted for comment Sunday Jackson City Spokesman Chris Mims was unable to find out information about the ditch because city offices were closed.

Mims said the Public Works Department will investigate Monday.

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