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3 On Your Side: Trash and debris clog Jackson creek

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – 3 On Your Side looks into a complaint about debris causing a creek in northeast Jackson to backup. 

The creek is a tributary of Eubanks Creek, which flows all the way to the Pearl River. It's just east of the old Meadowbrook Shopping Center parking lot, under Meadowbrook Road. 

There is, in fact, some debris in the creek but it is not completely clogged.  We happened to be there just as heavy rain started and we waited awhile to see if it would back up as severely as we had been told.  It did not.  

Charles Rosamond wrote us claiming trash, trees, leaves, logs/stumps, plastic bags/bottles, basketballs, beer cans, whiskey bottles are stopping up the bridge over Eubanks creek, making water threaten his home at 430 Meadowbrook Road. 

City spokesman Chris Mims said the creek is one of the city's hot spots and is checked regularly. He promised to check it again and deal with the problem. 

Rosamond says the creek has been this way for six years. 

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