Storms down trees and power lines - - Jackson, MS

Storms down trees and power lines

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FLORENCE, MS (WLBT) – Strong thunderstorms moved through the metro area Monday causing damage in parts of Rankin County.

The storm system took its toll on large trees in Florence.

By mid afternoon high winds and heavy rains pounded the Brentwood Place Subdivision where a tree landed on top of a truck, garage and fence at a home on Tiffany Circle.

It came from Scott Watkins' back yard, which is in front of the damaged garage.

"And there was a strong wind that came up and it was blowing really hard, no sirens and I told my little boy and my mother-in-law to get in the closet and I got in the closet and then after the fact the sirens went off," said Watkins.

Trees also knocked down power lines in front of Watkins' home.

"We just came by to check on our new found friends and see if we can help them out," said Theresa Harthcock, who stood near the downed tree while the new owners contacted their insurance company.

Harthcock just sold the damaged house about a month ago, after living there for 13 years.

"My neighbor across the street Terry Temple gave me a call and said that you're not going to believe this. She said there's a huge tree through the house you used to live in," added Harthcock.

Law enforcement and power crews were kept busy.

Florence police said two pine trees fell across the southbound lanes of Highway 49.

The trees stopped traffic for about 25 minutes.

The Florence Volunteer Fire Department cut and cleared the trees from the roadway.

No injuries were reported.

Traffic was backed up for about two miles and included an accident.

"We were stopped in traffic, and we were trying to get over and the 18 wheeler just kind of ran into us. It's been a mess," said Rachel Kackley of Pearl.

More anguish for motorist traveling Highway 469 near the Boteler Road intersection.

A large tree uprooted in a yard and fell.

It blocked traffic on the two lane roadway.

MDOT and Rankin County Emergency Operations assisted with that cleanup.

National Weather Service officials said a team will investigate Tuesday to determine if the storm damage was due to straight line winds or a tornado.

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