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Inventor John Campbell's movie premiere

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By Walt Grayson - bio | email

John Campbell of Starkville is an inventor. He owns eight patents. And last weekend, John was honored at the premiering of a video about his life that takes him from a youngster on the cotton plantations of the delta, to the brink of success in the manufacturing world.

The auditorium was darkened in the State Theatre in Starkville Saturday as G.C. Cameron entertained the friends and well wishers of John Campbell who had turned out for the premiere showing of his life story that he calls, "Daydreaming on My Cotton Sack."

If the name G.C. Cameron doesn't ring a bell right off, perhaps the names of the pop groups he was lead singer for will; The Spinners and the Temptations. He became friends with John Campbell several years ago when John appeared on G.C.'s television show introducing his first invention, a men's shaving aid. 

 "We became friends at that moment, and we sat down in the coffee room right outside, and we sat there and had coffee and talked and did the show and we've been friends ever since. He's been close as a brother,' said Cameron. 

We even did a Look Around Mississippi story a couple of years ago about John as he was introducing another of his inventions, a burglar-proof door jam. That's when John also mentioned that he had written a book about his life about growing up in Inverness and never picking his quota of cotton. Because when he'd get enough in his sack to make it comfortable, he'd find a shady place and lay down on it.

Now, to most folks, you'd think that's laziness. But John's mind was working. Thinking of things that hadn't been thought before.

And before I left that day, John told me he was working on making a movie about his life. And I probably said, "That's nice," or something else that you say when you're really thinking, "Yea, right."

 But I didn't know John as well then. Not like today, knowing that John never pays attention to folks who say things can't be done. And that's why here we are at the premier of his movie about his life and getting a concert from the lead singer of the Temptations and the Spinners as well. John Campbell enjoyed his day. 

"It was an awesome day, you know. It was a day that I dreamed about, and giving God the glory, it came true, you know," said Campbell. 

I have discovered from John Campbell that there is a difference between a dream and a fantasy. The main difference is your willingness to do the hard work to make it come true. And that's the greatest thing John Campbell ever came up with for himself; the belief in himself and in his dreams and the determination to make them real.

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