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Political action group rallies against Republican cuts

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – A political action organization is speaking out against what they call Republican attacks on the American worker.

A rally was held Tuesday in downtown Jackson as congress hammers out a national budget.

About 40 Moveon.org members and supporters chanted during a rally on the steps of Thalia Mara Hall in opposition to Republican budget cuts.

They held signs supporting the political action group's stance that claims the GOP proposes more than $100 billion in cuts to the federal budget, which include cutting Headstart, school improvement funds for struggling schools, Pell Grants and law enforcement.

Nineteen year old Chelsea McDonald spoke to the crowd at the rally.

She attends Hinds Community College and wants to be a philosophy professor.

The college student said Pell Grants allowed her grandmother to go back to get her college degree after 33 years.

"My Pell Grants that's the only reason that I can go to school, otherwise I would have no way to pay for it. I'm a waitress. I live with my grandmother. Pell Grants pay for me to go to school. That's the end of the story," said McDonald.

I. T. professional Bobby Kearan of Brandon said the GOP cuts would actually help him but hurt the country as a whole.

"I think it's absolutely despicable to give tax breaks to corporations and billionaires and then try to take it out of the hands of hungry children and the elderly," said Kearan.

Organization officials said the public should be educated about the cuts and they specifically blame Mississippi Republican senators for supporting the budget proposals.

"We are here to educate them and to send a loud signal to Senators Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran that we do not want them to pass this budget and enough is enough," said Kim Robinson of Moveon.org.

A spokesman for Senator Cochran said, "He has been meeting with constituents all day and working in the Senate Appropriations Committee to hold down unnecessary spending. He thinks the Moveon crowd has the right to criticize congress if they want to do so, but he is trying to be an influence for common sense government."

A statement from Senator Wicker said, "At a time when we borrow 40 cents for every dollar we spend, we have to stop spending money that we do not have. While these cuts need to be prudent, difficult decisions must be made. If we fail to act, our children and grandchildren will be left to pay our national debt."

The organization also gathered signatures they plan to personally deliver to the Mississippi delegates. 

Both Mississippi senators said neither HR-1 nor the Democratic sponsored Senate Amendment 149 gained enough votes to be considered by the senate.

The federal government is currently being funded through a short-term extension which ends March 18th.

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