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Wednesday's Child - Selena and Henry

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

They live in separate foster homes but distance and separation have not changed their devotion to each other. 6 year old Henry is the energizer bunny and 10 year old Selena is a full fledged glamour girl. They are hoping to find their forever family on this week's Wednesday's Child.

Spending time at the Mississippi Children's Museum was the perfect day out for Selena and Henry. They both enjoy learning and reading.

"I like school. What do you like about school? Homework. Really? What kind of homework do you like to do? Math. So are you good at math? Yes ma'am", said Selena.

"Tell me what you like about first grade. Umm…math. Do you like math? Language", Henry said.

Henry is very smart and energetic. He was on honor roll for the first nine weeks of school.

"Do you like to read. Nods yes. What do you like to read? Umm..books. What kind of books? books. Do you like dogs? Yes", said Henry.

Selena is a charmer. She enjoys going to the mall, church and listening to music. She found her calling on the stage at the museum, putting on costumes and dancing.

"I like the bling bling. You like the bling bling? I can tell. Where did you find bling bling barrettes? At the Walmart. They are beautiful. So do you do bling bling all the time? Yes", Selena said.

Selena and Henry have four other siblings. Two of them are already in adoptive homes. Selena and Henry are hoping they will find a permanent home together .

"A good family who will care for me, and don't beat me and don't whip me. And cares about your brother? Yes", said Selena.

If you would like to learn more about adoption, through the Department of Human Services, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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