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More vehicle break-ins at Parham Bridges Park

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – A Jackson woman takes on the role of detective tracking down clues after she said her vehicle was broken into at Parham Bridges Park.

According to the aspiring attorney, it's a role she was forced into when she could get little help from police.

Torri Parker passed out flyers and posting warnings Wednesday for visitors to Parham Bridges Park after her Ford Escape was broken into Monday evening while she was running.

"I put up signs early this morning to let people know. Do not leave anything in your car," said Parker.

She even placed them on a sign posted in the park that warns against leaving valuables in their vehicles.

She discovered the broken passenger window around 6:30 p.m. when she and her boyfriend had made three laps around the track.

"When I came back the front window had been busted out and the back door was barely closed all the way. I could tell that they immediately opened the back door, pulled my purse out and I guess took off with my purse," said the crime victim.

The University of Mississippi Law student began her own investigation, calling her credit card companies and tracking the thieves' charges at the Exxon and Shell gas stations on I-55 and other locations, trying to find video of the criminals.

"When I went to Golden State restaurant, the lady was able to tell me that it was two teenage girls," said Parker.

The restaurant worker told Parker that when she said the card was declined one of the girls snatched the card from her hand and left.

But the 25 year old said she is disappointed with J.P.D.'s response from the initial report until two days later when she visited Precinct Four and headquarters and was finally assigned a detective.

"He had not done any investigation. He had literally just started. He wanted all of my information that I had already gathered," the Jackson resident.

"I was devastated after seeing what had happened," said Willene Johnson.

On March ninth we spoke with Willene Johnson whose car was broken into while she was walking the track on February 25th.

When Johnson shared her story with WLBT, shattered glass was on the ground at three parking spaces.

As of Wednesday Johnson said she has heard nothing about her case.

Parker had not heard about the previous break ins.

"I was just appalled because the police officer got here and she was like 'Well, we think it's people across the street at the apartments that are looking and watching the cars and waiting until nobody's there.' I said 'Where are the patrolmen?'" said the law student.

Despite the experience the Jackson resident vows to return to the park.

"I wasn't the first. I definitely won't be the last, but I plan on letting the criminals know you won't get me again," said Parker.

Jackson police officials said a detective is following through with the investigation.

They also said crime is down in the city, and there are not a lot of reports of incidents in that area.

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