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Once Bitter Enemies, Now Close Friends

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By Dennis Smith - bio | email

Sixty years ago this month the world was at war.

Except America.

Months later that would all change at Pearl Harbor.

The war in the Pacific was particularly brutal.

America was the victor and helped rebuild Germany and Japan, now two of our staunchest allies.

Japan has undergone a series of terrible disasters.

Our military has been there to assist in their recovery.

17,000 Sailors and Marines in 14 naval ships are doing all they can to help.

Numerous supply missions are taking place in a country that now provides jobs for thousands of Americans in our country.

This is good.

What would be better still would be if our military could be like that of Japan's.

A defense and humanitarian force only.

That's wishful thinking and it won't happen in our lifetime.

But, it's still nice to dream.

That's my Point of View.

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