College students helping Habitat for Humanity - - Jackson, MS

College students helping Habitat for Humanity

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CLINTON, MS (WLBT) When you think spring break hot spots central Mississippi is not the first choice for most college students, but a few groups have chosen the Capital City as their destination.  This week two groups from University of Texas at Dallas and Eastern Illinois University are in town assisting Habitat for Humanity Metro Jackson on building projects.

Kevin Martin, a graduate student at EIU, described his motivation for bypassing fun in the sun on a beach somewhere and instead choosing to do community service.

"It's a good feeling helping others knowing that we're not just spending the week by ourselves getting drunk," Martin said.

While thousands of students will be reaching for the suntan lotion these young men and women visiting Jackson are reaching for a hammer and nails at a Habitat home on Neal St. in Clinton on Thursday. Kimberly Kentfield is leading a group of five students from UTD and she says they are doing all they can.

"We're doing everything from siding to installing toilets, to some electricity, grouting, caulking, painting," Kentfield listed.

Sachin Shah, a sophomore at UTD is embracing his experience and the week off from studying.

"Being able to come out here and do some manual labor is a lot of fun, but also knowing that someone is directly going to benefit from the houses we building is great," Shah shared.

Another student from EIU, Michelle Maurazio shared why she was so excited about making the 36-hour round trip from Illinois. 

"It wasn't appealing to me to go anywhere else," Maurazio said.  "I wanted to be here with my friends to do service. I'm passionate about it.  Wasn't really a hard choice for me."    

In addition to Clinton the group from UTD will be working on Habitat homes on Blair Street in Jackson on Friday.

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