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Gov. Barbour's son doesn't want him to pursue run for President

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By Mike McDaniel

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - With less than a year left in his final term as governor, the eyes of the nation are on Haley Barbour.

Many are wondering if he will become a contender in the presidential ring. As speculation continues on a possible Presidential run from Governor Haley Barbour, it appears even one of his own family members is not wanting him to go after the job.

Meanwhile, Mississippians have their opinions as well. To run or not to run, that certainly is the question surrounding Governor Haley Barbour who's a potential candidate for the White House in 2012. A run he's already feeling out in battle states.

Barbour says, "If I run I'm going to try to win Iowa. I'm going to try to win Iowa in the caucuses , but I'm going to also try to win Iowa in the general election because I think a Republican candidate can win Iowa and I think we need to focus on that."

In an email to a conservative columnist, Barbour's own son, Sterling Barbour says he in fact does not want his father to run for President, but if he did, would be his biggest supporter.

Although Barbour won't yet say whether a Presidential run is the next step, Mississippians certainly have opinions on whether Governor Barbour should become President Barbour.

"I think they need a good strong Republican. I don't think he's ready yet," Whitaker says.

"I think he should attempt it. I believe if he has a desire within himself to do so, I think he should pursue his goals, " Fitzhugh says.

"I think he's a good governor and I think he has a lot of good leadership and I just think he should, " McDaniel added.

If Barbour does decide to run, some argue his greatest challenges could come from right here at home.

"I do not like that he has already misrepresented Mississippi", Denman added.

From a confederate licence plate, to the release of the Scott sisters, some feel Barbour is using state issues for political gains, rather than serving the people.

Denman says, "He's not representative of all the people in Mississippi. He's just not representative and I can't imagine him as being our President."

Robinson says, "I think he should go on his own merits. I'm sure he has done some of that maybe for political gain or for whatever reason, but I do think on his own merit."

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