St. Paddy's Day pet and children's parades - - Jackson, MS

St. Paddy's Day pet and children's parades

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By Jewell Hillery – bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - People weren't the only ones filling the streets of downtown Jackson early Saturday morning. Animals, mostly dogs...some little...some big and others green participated in the annual St. Patty's Day pet parade.

Debbie Goodman says, "I think we've been to like the last 20 or 22 its just a lot of fun."

Following the pet parade, the children showed off their St. Patrick's Day outfits and passed out candy and beads to the crowd.

Donna Paap's dog participated in the pet parade. Paap says says, "it's just a lot of fun, it's a lot of fun. We love it because we love being around all the kids and the dogs and of course the parade."

There's no doubt that people out here are having lots of St. Patty's Day fun, but all of these fun and games serve a much larger purpose.

While there's no cost to participate in the children's parade, many of the proceeds from the children's festival go towards the Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital.

And Deanna Sharp and her family know personally how beneficial the hospital can be.

Sharp says, "when my niece was three months old she was very sick and the doctor told her to go to Blair E. Batson because they found out she had meningitis and they stayed there for almost two weeks."

Ever since then Sharp and her family have participated every year in events that raise money for the hospital.

Sharp says, "this is the best hospital and its a Mississippi hospital, we need to support our local hospitals especially ones as wonderful as Blair E. Batson."

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