Officers practice hostage negotiation - - Jackson, MS

Officers practice hostage negotiation

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By Jewell Hillery – bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Law enforcement officials took part in some intense hostage training all day on Wednesday. Officers acted as negotiators in this practice hostage situation at the Mississippi Trade Mart.

The scenario involved a wounded officer and a father who barricaded himself and his children inside of a school. Throughout the course of the day, teams of negotiators used this practice hostage situation to determine what they'd do in a real-life hostage scenario. Officers say these sorts of training's are very beneficial.

Sgt. James McNamee from the Clinton police department says, "the more training we get the better prepared we are to deal with the situations out there, so scenarios like this where we're getting out, getting introduced to the equipment we're getting more familiarized with it and everybody brings something different to the table, so we're learning from each others past experiences and it just helps make us better negotiators out on the street."

Organizers of today's training say they hope to conduct programs like this for the entire state every six months.

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