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Ethanol gas problems

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FLOWOOD, MS (WLBT) - Boat motor repairs have inclined at RJ's outboard service at Duncan Marine in Flowood since ethanol blended fuel became widely used. Mechanics there blame E-10 fuel for a variety of recent performance problems with boat engines.

RJ's Manager Rob Koskovich says, "When the ethanol blended fuel sits in the fuel tanks for any period of time it actually turns to water.  It actually separates, you got a layer of water on the bottom, alcohol in the middle and what's left over of gas on top, it just shoots straight water into the engine."

Experts say the older ethanol gas, the lower the engine performance, and if the ethanol is allowed to sit for long periods in an engine, the physical damage can be costly.

Lawnmower repair specialist Darren Burk says ethanol blends can shorten the life of all gas operated lawn equipment.

Burk says, "The carburetor, the fuel itself is breaking down forming like a gel substance, pretty much what it does it clogs up all your main arteries."

Experts we talked to say avoid ethanol gas blends if possible. A handful of gas stations in the metro like the Pelahatchie Bay trading post are now specializing in ethanol free gas. Water separation devices and fuel stabilizers are also available, like this Startron enzyme fuel treatment. Simple steps that could extend the life of your mower or boat, and make them run better too.

For a list of ethanol free gas stations in Mississippi, click link below.

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