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MOST WANTED: Accused shoplifter caught on tape

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By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

A crime occurs in an upscale dress shop on Highland Colony Parkway in Ridgeland. Inside the store an unidentified woman is caught on tape going through racks of clothing.

The white female is wearing a beige top, has on glasses and her hair in a bun. Looks like the average shopper, but hold on, she is an accused shoplifter.

Ridgeland cops want you to take a close look at the surveillance video. This lady is ready to haul in merchandise. You can see her stuffing items into her large bag.

And she's smart. The woman tells the sales person she wants to try on a handful of clothing. When the sales lady turns her back, stole merchandise is bagged. Over one thousand dollars worth of stolen goods are ripped off.

When it's time to pay up, guess what. This lady knows how the system works, she claims she needs to get another credit card from her car and causally walks out with some very nice clothing, never to be seen again.

Help put a stop to shoplifting. It's costs everyone a ton of money. Call Ridgeland Police at 601-856-2121 or Crimestoppers 601-355-8477.

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