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Young scientists compete at JSU

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By Jewell Hillery – bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - With a sea of experiments dealing with just about every topic imaginable, from bubbles to potato chips, these first through sixth graders were eager to share their science project discoveries.

Third grader Keila Jones says, "When it comes down to science, I like learning about different things and different subjects."

This is Jones' third time at the regional fair and for a third grader, Keila's research is pretty impressive.

"In technology today I have just really compared the Apple I-Pad with the Hewlett Packer laptop to see which is more effective for office, home and school computer needs, but turns out to me that the Hewlett Packer laptop is more effective than the Apple I-Pad."

We caught up with another young scientist named Jonathan Johnson. The fifth graders research focuses on which ingredient can preserve ice the longest.

Johnson says, "Well, I always liked ice, but it always melted in like 10 minutes, so I decided to do this project because I thought it would be very interesting and it was and salt did the best and baking powder preserved it."

Officials from JSU say it's vital to host these science fairs so that students keep an interest in learning about science and technology.

Dr. Mark Hardy, the Dean of the College of Science, Engineering and Technology says, "Historically what we find out is around the 8th grade is when we start to loose students that traditionally are interested in science and technology, so if we can get them engaged now and really keep them focused in this particular area, we think we can get more of them to move past that 8th grade age."

Keila says her love of science and technology isn't going anywhere anytime soon. "I do different experiments, so its really fun to learn about different things," says Jones.

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