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Shocking photos of alleged inmate brutality

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By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - In the latest developments, the firing of 8 detention officers at the Hinds County Jail stands, according to the Sheriff Malcolm McMillin. They are no longer on the job.

WLBT News obtained shocking photographs of what appears to be another case of brutality by detention officers.

According to authorities, these photo's were allegedly taken inside a Jackson hospital. They show 32-year-old Charles Johnson severely beaten.

Johnson was jailed February 16 for murder and the armed carjacking of a Fed Ex truck driver. A source tells us when Johnson surrendered, he was jumped by several guards in the booking room. Allegedly payback from the last time he was in jail back in 2003 on drug charges.

Johnson's lips are swollen. He is wearing a bloody bandage around his head. A cigarette was placed in his mouth allegedly by the guards who took these photos.

According to Sheriff Malcolm McMillin Thursday, "We can make a determination about who was involved and how it happened and then make judgement from there as to whether we want to go criminal with this case."

Three days ago, Sheriff McMillin fired 8 guards after an internal investigation into allegations of brutality. Three appealed. But the firings stand as of Thursday.

The allegations of excessive use of force stem from an incident in a jail holding cell on March 6.

Sources brought these gruesome photos to WLBT News. The sheriff says an internal investigation is now underway. The photos are part of the investigation.

Possible disciplinary action against the officers could follow.

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