Governor rejects House, Senate budget numbers - - Jackson, MS

Governor rejects House, Senate budget numbers

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - As one house member sees it, budget talks are "dead in the water" at the State Capitol.

House Education Committee Chairman Cecil Brown, D-Jackson, says House and Senate members worked until 9 pm Thursday, and finally presented budget numbers to Governor Haley Barbour, who is in Iowa.

But the Governor rejected those numbers, even though the House and Senate had agreed on $37 million in cuts from various departments.

"He wants to cut specifically from K-12 education and mental health. K-12 has absorbed $300 million in cuts over the last few years. Can't cut it any more. We cut an additional $16 million last night," Representative Brown told us.

"We need to let education take their share and cut, but we don't need to cut to the point where we can't have school," says Senator Terry Burton, R-Newton, an appropriations committee member. "That's a determination house conferees will make, bring to the floor of the house and senate."

The deadline for committee reports is 8 pm Saturday.  


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