House passes 2% restaurant food tax for Brandon - - Jackson, MS

House passes 2% restaurant food tax for Brandon

At the state Capitol Saturday, House members passed a measure that allows the City of Brandon to add a two percent tax to restaurant food. It heads to the Senate next.

The tax would be applied to prepared food and drink served in restaurants and bars.

Brandon Mayor Tim Coulter was present for the vote. He says the extra cash would go toward revenue-producing agents for the city, and will go right back into the community.

"Specifically to renovate and construct a conference and performing arts center at City Hall, we already have the space for, also to enhance facilities we have at Shiloh Park," he says.

The facility that will be renovated into a $1.5 million performing arts center is already in limited use. Earlier this month, it was used for a school function.

Mayor Coulter says the tax will not be permanent.

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