Education and mental health workers rally against budget cuts - - Jackson, MS

Education and mental health workers rally against budget cuts

Education and mental health leaders from across Mississippi packed the state capitol this morning to send a message: They won't stand for any more cuts to their budgets.

To help drive their point, they rallied against Governor Haley Barbour's proposal to cut
k-thourgh-12 education by 30 million dollars and mental health by about 20 million.

They say they stand in support of the house and senate's agreement to provide level funding from last year. While not against cuts altogether it's the amount of cuts the governor is wanting that's creating a battle on the education front.

"The standards are higher than ever before" said Canton Superintendent Dwight Luckett. "We don't have a problem with that. The problem comes when we don't have the tools and the necessary finances to work with."

"Our students are too important and too valuable to be neglected" added Mississippi Association of Educators President Kevin Gilbert. "Do the right thing. Stop the education cuts. Our students are paying the ultimate price."

Lawmakers already missed the legislative deadline for a budget outline and it's unclear if one will be in place by the time the regular session ends this Saturday

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