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Limited Japanese auto parts' impact on Jackson area dealers

Much of Japan's auto industry remains idle due to the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the country earlier this month.

The interruption in production could result in shortages of Japanese automobile parts in the United States.

Toyota is limiting parts that a dealer can order to only those needed for a specific customer.

The national stories predict doom and gloom for the Japanese parts problem, because of the earthquake and tsunami.

One story even says, "companies such as Toyota, Honda and others will lose billions of dollars in revenue."

WLBT checked it out with local Honda and Toyota dealers and found that not to be true, up until now, at least.

Bryan Shufelt is the General Manager of Herrin-Gear Toyota in north Jackson.

"Bert, it's had no effect on us right now," Shufelt said. "We have got plenty of cars in stock, we have got plenty of parts in stock, all the cars that we have got ordered are coming in, nothing cancelled at this point."

WLBT found the same thing with Patty Peck Honda in Madison County after talking with General Manager Bob Aubrey.

"All the communications we are receiving from Honda, none of them indicate to expect any delay on replacement parts," Aubrey said.

Even an independent auto repair shop such as Bullock Auto Repair on Galilee Street in Jackson, the company that works on WLBT News' vehicles, had similar comments.

"Are you having problems getting parts because of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan? No, not so far. I don't see where that is going to make any difference, all of our parts come from China anyway. Laughs," Bullock's General Manager Ritchie Perkins said.

We are told at Patty Peck Honda, that 85 percent of the parts that go into Hondas are also made in North America, like a Master Cylinder for the braking system.

So there is not a problem of lack of parts in Jackson stemming from the duel natural disasters that struck Japan on March 11.

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