Sound Off: Louis Farrakhan - - Jackson, MS

Sound Off: Louis Farrakhan

The Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement held their 6th annual conference this past week.

There were some really good sessions and speakers.

There was one keynote speaker didn't belong at the civil rights conference.

Louis Farrakhan by his own admission is not a civil rights leader.

In fact, when it comes to civil rights Farrakhan doesn't think whites, Jews, women and homosexuals should have any.

In his speech, Farrakhan said the United States lacked the moral authority to intervene in the Libyan conflict.

He referred to Colonel Moammar Gadhafi as his friend.

Did Farrakhan forget about the 270 people Gadhafi murdered in the bombed Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland?

I guess that is Farrakhan's idea of moral authority.

Farrakhan has cloaked his hateful rhetoric with a dash of morality.

You can dress hate speech and bigotry up in a bowtie, but it should still be offensive to those who really care about the civil rights of others.

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