Is the civil rights museum dead? - - Jackson, MS

Is the civil rights museum dead?

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Does a civil rights museum in Mississippi still have a chance in this session of the legislature?  

It may not because the compromise between the House and the Senate failed to meet the deadline for approval. 

The location Governor Haley Barbour thinks is best for the site of the civil rights museum is at the corner of Mississippi and Jefferson streets in downtown Jackson. 

He wants it built beside the new Mississippi History Museum also planned for the site.  

Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Dean Kirby of Pearl, was asked if the museum could be revived in this session of the legislature. 

"It's always a possibility. You know here, things are not dead until they are dead, dead, dead. And this one's just dead, we've got two more deads to go," said Kirby. 

Former Governor William Winter is one of the most outspoken advocates of the civil rights museum.   

Winter talked about the possibility of reviving the issue in this session of the legislature. 

Winter said, "It will take an extension of the session or a suspension of the rules, at this stage of the legislative process, I suppose anything is possible, but it is in doubt, let's just say it is very much in doubt right now."

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