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More allegations of inmate abuse

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Recent images of an alleged beating at the Hinds County Detention Center has led a Warren County man to share what he says was a very similar experience.

According to Marshall Chandler, an overnight stint in lockup resulted in a brutal beating.

"It's ridiculous that they can do this and get away with it," said Chandler.

Wednesday he looked over photographs of injuries that he alleges were suffered at the hands of Hinds County Detention Officers on Easter Sunday 2008.

The Madison native he was taken into custody for resisting arrest and public drunkenness at a Jackson night club.

Chandler said he repeatedly banged on the door of the holding cell requesting a phone call when the unthinkable happened.

"I may have been a little belligerent or doing things I shouldn't have been doing, but these guys are supposed to be trained in the right and wrong way to handle a situation and not just go in and beat somebody up and leave them bloody and unconscious," said Chandler.

Pictures which aired on WLBT of 32 year old Charles Johnson, also allegedly beaten in the jail, prompted Chandler to come forward with his story.

Chandler said up to three jailers jumped him while he was in the holding cell causing injuries that resulted in $3,000.00 in medical bills.

The 28 year old said he was treated for a broken nose, black eyes and concussion at St. Dominic when released the next day.

 "I had boot prints on my head. They brought my clothes back to me clean with all the blood washed off them," said the alleged beating victim.

He said he tried to file a complaint with Internal Affairs and charges against the men but wasn't given the names of the detention officers.

The Warren County resident said he was also told there was no surveillance video because cameras were not working in that area.

Chandler said the FBI is investigating.

"If something had been done with my case maybe it wouldn't have happened to these guys, if something had been done three years ago to stop them. Because it's not something that just started," added Chandler.

 "If he has in fact filed a complaint with the FBI, I reserve comment due to an ongoing investigation as described by Mr. Chandler," said Lt. Jeffery Scott with the Hinds County Sheriff's Department.

The restaurant worker is also planning to take legal action against the department.

Officials with the sheriff's department said thirteen jailers have been disciplined over misconduct with inmates.

Eight, including a supervisor, have been fired while one was suspended.

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